Approximately three dozen boats are scheduled to begin fishing today in the MegaDock Billfishing Tournament, the fourth of five events that comprise the S.C. Governor’s Cup Billfishing Series. The tournament, fished out of the Charleston City Marina, continues through Saturday, with participants allowed to fish two out of three days, captain’s choice.

During last year’s MegaDock tournament, anglers on 48 boats released 56 sailfish and two white marlin. Full Pull was the top boat with 1,100 points for a white marlin and four sailfish releases. Cacique finished second with 1,000 points and Jabez took third with 800 points. Scoring in Governor’s Cup events is 600 for blue marlin releases, 300 for white marlin releases and 200 for sailfish releases.

Sadie Beth is the top boat in the 2012 series with 3,575 points, 800 points in front of Caramba and Home Run. Blue Sky is fourth with 2,575 and Sportin’ Life is fifth with 2,275. Rounding out the top 10 are: Summer Girl, 2,050; Rascal, 1,975; Bench Mark, 1,950; Reel Passion, 1,950; and Petrel, 1,675.

The final event of the 2012 Governor’s Cup Series is the Edisto Marina Billfish Tournament, scheduled July 25-28.