South Carolina State University's Board of Trustees meets Thursday, but it remains unclear if the body will publicly address the firings of several top-level administrators.

Sources with close ties to the university, who chose to remain anonymous, said that as many as eight high-level employees were terminated Friday, including university attorney Ed Givens; Charles Smith, vice president for student affairs; and Michael Bartley, chief of police. Givens did not respond to a request for comment. Smith and Bartley could not be reached for comment.

The university has announced that Valerie S. Fields will serve as interim vice president of student affairs. Fields previously served as an associate professor of education and assistant vice president for student affairs. She also is a member of the faculty preparing for reaffirmation of teacher education programs.

Kenneth McCaster will serve as interim chief of police. He previously served as the university's assistant chief of police.

The Board of Trustees' agenda includes closed-door sessions on personnel and legal issues, but it does not specify what those matters include, or whether public discussion will follow.

Board Chairman Jonathan Pinson has not returned several calls for comment over the past few days.

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