ISLE OF PALMS -- Achievement in endurance sports requires patience, not only in training but in racing.

Just ask the winners of Sunday's sixth annual East Cooper Coastal Triathlon, a event featuring a .6-mile ocean swim, a 16-mile bike and a 4-mile run.

Both the male and female winners this year finished second last year and both admitted to feeling the pressure to win this year.

In fact, those second-place finishes aren't the only similarities shared between 2010 ECCT champions Adam Martin and Siobhan Maize. Both are 38, live in Mount Pleasant, are parents of two children and are on the TrySports racing team.

For Maize, whose Celtic first name is pronounced "she-von," Sunday's victory was her first in four seasons of competing in triathlon, though she had finished in second place several times. On Sunday, she didn't know, for sure, that she was winning the race until a spectator yelled "first female" during the run. At that point, she worried about getting caught.

"At one of the turnarounds, I saw a woman who looked like she was close enough to catch me," she said. "I thought, 'I could still lose this.' It wasn't until I made the final turn toward the finish line that I knew I had it."

For Maize, this is the second triathlon of the season. Her next will be the TryCharleston triathlon on May 1.

While the male winner Martin is more familiar with winning triathlons, it still doesn't get any easier -- though he sure made it look that way Sunday. Martin emerged from the ocean with a huge lead and kept it, finishing 2 minutes and 16 seconds faster than the next fastest guy.

"I'm afraid to look behind when I'm in that position (first) because if I see somebody, I'll push a little harder, and if I don't see anybody, I might lay off. I'd rather just go as fast as I can, which for me is on the edge of throwing up," said Martin, an insurance broker.

A common theme for all triathletes Sunday was battling the wind on the Breach Inlet and Isle of Palms connector bridges.

Race officials said that 181 individual triathletes and 15 relay teams participated in the event.


OVERALL: Male -- Adam Martin 1:21:16, John Watkins 1:23:32, Dirk Dewitt 1:25:53. Female -- Siobhan Maize 1:31:35, Diana Jacumin 1:36:02, Patricia McGill 1:40:35. MASTERS: Male -- Robert Teachman 1:26:12. Female -- Julia Zimmerman 1:44:28. Clydesdale (top male, 200-pounds and up) -- Wesley Cook 1:38:11. AGE GROUPS (top male and female only): 16-19 -- Allan Dapore 1:47:10. No female. 20-24 -- Chris Criego 1:36:05. Mary Krupla 1:46:22. 25-29 -- Joshua Lundeby 1:30:38. Courtney Rochon 1:50:36. 30-34 -- Justin Davis 1:27:23. Janet Carter 1:44:39. 35-39 -- Matt Miner 1:28:37. Sue Golbus 1:40:57. 40-44 -- Jim Daniel 1:26:46. Paula Walmet 1:47:36. 45-49 -- Gary Petmecky 1:30:10. No female. 50-54 -- Kendall Shows 1:31:39. No female. 55-59 -- Steve Caskie 1:26:17. Susan Radley 2:01:01. 60-64 -- Rick Widman 1:49:58. Anne Boone 1:55:35. TEAM COMPETITION: All male -- Team Becky 1:16:55. All female -- Quick Chicks 1:43:59. Co-ed -- Lowcountry Crossfit Mx 1:31:05.

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