Main, McKenzie earn top honors at regatta

Strong winds and chop challenged sailors in the Carolina Yacht Club regatta on Sunday. Wade Spees/Staff July 26, 2015

Caroline Main and William Joseph “Mac” McKenzie Jr. received the Carolina Yacht Club’s special awards Sunday after the completion of the club’s Open Regatta sailed in Charleston Harbor.

Main won the Henry Clay Robertson IV Trophy as the top sailor 16 or younger, while McKenzie won the Philip O’Neill Hanvey Memorial Trophy as the top sailor 21 or younger who best exhibits integrity, sportsmanship, competitiveness and love for sailing.

More than 120 boats and approximately 200 sailors competed in the two-day event.

“We had two great days of sailing,” said Carolina Yacht Club waterfront director Alex Bolan. “Both Saturday and Sunday were ‘breeze on.’ Saturday we had sustained 16- to 18-knot winds with gusts in the upper 20s. Sunday, we had a sustained 15-knot breeze with gusts in the lower 20s.

“It was great sailing, with challenging conditions. The wind was coming out of the east, and coupled with the tide going out all day, it created a large chop and some big waves. Dealing with the big wind, the big waves and the current made things more challenging than a normal sailing day in Charleston.

“There was some carnage,” Bolan added. “One boat lost a mast and another boat lost a rudder. With the challenging conditions, it added a little excitement. But everyone was happy with the sailing and wind conditions. It was a picture perfect regatta this weekend. I don’t think it could have been any better.”

The Rockville Regatta, scheduled Aug. 1-2 at Sea Island Yacht Club, will wrap up the local open regatta season.


420: 1-Robert Morrow, 2-1-1-1-3-2—10; 2-Cameron Gise, 1-4-4-1-2-1—13; 3-Andrew Dodd, 3-2-3-3-2-3—16.

E-Scow: 1-Mark Jordan, 2-1-1-2-2—8; 2-Robby Wilkins, 1-2-1-2-3—9; 3-Will Hanckel, 3-2-3-1-1—10.

Laser: 1-Rob Bowden, 3-1-1-2-2-1—10; 2-Stanley Hassinger, 1-4-1-4-3-2—15; 3-John Porter, 2-2-2-5-5-3—19.

Laser Radial: 1-Thomas Smith, 1-1-1-1-1-1—6; 2-Christopher Sprunt, 2-2-3-2-2-2—13; 3-Ira Soltis, 2-3-2-3-3-3—16.

Lightning: 1-Lenny Krawcheck, 1-1-3-2-3—10; 2-Nancy Hagood, 3-2-4-1-6—16; 3-Joe Menis, 2-5-2-9-1—19.

Bic: 1-Neil Walters, 2-1-1-1-1-3—9; 2-Emily Potter, 2-3-2-3-2-1—13; 3-Gavin Parker, 1-1-3-2-6-5—18.

Opti Red: 1-James Thurlow, 1-2-1-1-1—6.

Opti White: 1-Wyatt Norman, 4-4-1-1-1—11; 2-Maverick Anderson, 4-4-2-4-4—18; 3-Hudson Monts, 4-4-4-4-4—20.

Opti Blue: 1-Cole Williamson, 1-1-1-1-2—6; 2-Miles Letissier, 2-2-2-2-1—9; 3-Ashton Loring, 7-7-7-3-3—27.

Opti Green: 1-Andrea Melnik, 7-7-7-1-1—23; 2-Elliott Lipp, 7-7-7-4-7—32; 3-John Parnell, 7-7-7-7-7—35.

Opti: 1-Jack Jordan, 7-7-7-2-7—30; 2-Henry Humphrey, 7-7-7-3-7—31; 3-Reeves Bair, 7-7-7-5-7—33.

Sea Island One Design: 1-Stan LaRoche, 8-8-8-1-1—26; T2-Stephen Haynsworth, 8-8-8-3-2—29; T2-George Durst, 8-8-8-2-3—29.

Sunfish: 1-David Parshall, 1-1-1-1-1-1—6; 2-Brian Swan, 2-2-2-2-2-2—12; 3-J. Michael Lally, 3-1-5-5-5-4—23.

Sunfish Juniors: 1-Jamie Renneker, 1-1-1-1-2-2—8; 2-Dean Omirly, 2-2-2-1-1-1—9; 3-Ann Sheridan, 2-3-4-4-4-4—21.

H20: T1-Tim Fitzgerald, 3-3-3-3-3—15; T1-Keith Merrill, 3-3-3-3-3—15.