Lisa Enfinger named interim athletic director at James Island Charter High School

Lisa Enfinger was named interim athletic director for James Island Charter High School on Thursday.

Enfinger, a 22-year teaching veteran, has spent the last 12 years at James Island as a math teacher. She also has assisted with the cross country and track programs for the last eight years.

She will serve as athletic director for the remainder of the current school year and for all of the 2014-15 school year. This is Enfinger's first foray into athletic administration.

"I understand athletics and I know the coaches, athlete and teachers here, having been here for the last 12 years," Enfinger said Thursday. "I feel like the Board and my administration saw something in me and they have confidence in my ability to lead this program."

Enfinger replaces longtime athletic director Tom Hatley, who also is the school's head baseball coach. Interim principal Richard Gordon says there was considerable interest in the position from faculty members and coaches currently employed by the school.

"First, we looked inside because we have many capable and certified professionals in our organization," said Gordon. "We received great interest in the position and we found the right person for the position from inside our organization."

In the charter school's organization, a seven-member Board of Directors oversees the school's programs. As part of the Board of Directors, there is a subcommittee of three that focuses on athletics. That committee assists the athletic director but, as committee member Billy Tanner says, "We are not constantly looking over her shoulder and telling her what should and should not be done. We are here to support her and make sure she has everything she needs to do her job effectively."

Gordon says Enfinger reports directly to the principal.

Enfinger has many ideas of how to improve the overall success and efficiency of the athletic program. She emphasizes the importance of bringing everyone together for one common goal.

"We are here for the children and we have to give them the very best opportunity to succeed and compete in athletics," said Enfinger. "We have a lot of great programs, great athletes and great coaches. The biggest thing I feel I need to do is get everyone on the same page in terms of our goals.

"Things have been the same here for so long. There has been no 'outside the box' thinking, no move forward. I think this is a good time to change things up a little."

Tanner, who is joined on the athletic committee by Keith Bolus and Ray Wright, said the goal of the Board of Directors is to bring James Island's athletic success on par with the school's academic successes.

"Our school has achieved great things in the classroom and our goal is to have the athletic side be equally successful," he said. "If we can achieve in athletics what we have achieved in the classroom, we will evolve into the model charter school."