Here's a look at what could make the difference when South Carolina and No. 21 Georgia meet tonight in Athens, Ga.:

1. Covering A.J. Green

A.J. Green's a nightmare for every defensive coordinator. He must be accounted for. Oklahoma State did a great job against him. Can South Carolina follow suit? The Gamecocks probably have a more talented secondary, but will Georgia find ways to get the Summerville native open?

2. Cox or Gray for Dawgs?

OK, now, who will get Green the ball? Joe Cox has admitted he's dealing with some sort of shoulder injury. Is it a big deal? We'll know a lot more after today. You'll probably see versatile backup Logan Gray at some point. But how much?

3. Garcia in the doghouse

Stephen Garcia has never played in an environment like this one. Will he continue to limit big mistakes, or will one or two miscues signal the difference in the game? This is a big-time measuring stick for the young USC QB.


After believing earlier in the week that the backs-against-the-wall Bulldogs would come out fighting to prevent an 0-2 start, it seems like a lot of momentum is shifting the Gamecocks' way. In addition to Cox, Georgia's O-line is all shuffled up after a season-ending injury to left tackle Trinton Sturdivant. South Carolina wins this game by playing smart. Frankly, USC comes in a better team than Georgia at this point. Limit the mistakes, and the Gamecocks are 2-0. The offense looks more fluid and they hit 20 for the first time in this series since Steve Spurrier's arrival.


Gamecocks 20, Bulldogs 13