Hobcaw Regatta wraps up under ideal conditions

Lightning class sailers battle each other Sunday during the Hobcaw Regatta. (Brad Nettles/postandcourier.com) 6/9/13

Brad Nettles

The Minsons have come to the annual Hobcaw Regatta for as long as they can remember, and although they don’t own a sailboat or participate in the race, John says the couple “certainly enjoy the festivities.”

As the Minsons enjoyed their view of the last few white sails sprinkled on the three Hobcaw race courses between the Cooper River bridge and the Interstate 526 James B. Edwards Bridge, the competitors began to join their families poolside, anticipating the race awards ceremony that was soon to come.

J.D. Rosser, who has been Hobcaw race director for the past 20 years, considers this year’s 51st Hobcaw Regatta a “wonderful success,” despite the daunting weather this past week.

“On Thursday, I had a bunch of people call me and cancel because of reservations about the weather,” said Rosser, explaining why only 58 boats turned out for this year’s race.

Yet with steady winds between 10-15 knots and generally sunny skies all weekend, the weather turned out to be almost ideal.

Among the standouts in this year’s regatta was 14-year-old Austin Ando, who raced his 7-foot, 7-inch, 77-pound Opti Dinghy to nine wins in nine races.

In addition to cleaning up over the weekend at the Hobcaw Open, Ando received high praise from the race director.

“Every few years, Hobcaw produces a top-notch sailor,” said Rosser, who sailed for the College of Charleston. “Right now, that sailor is Austin.”

Ando is off to a good start in this year’s South Atlantic Yacht Racing Association (SAYRA) series, in which he has won the past two years.


420 Class: 1. Lauren Moran 11; 2. Caroline Main 19; 3. Bryson Hayden 30

Green Opti Class: 1. Savannah Dixon 10; 2. Michael Owens 17.

Opti Class: 1. Austin Ando 9; 2. Matthew Monts 21; 3. Jamie Renneker 34.

Holder Class: 1. Phil Hardwick 8; 2.Barry Blackburn 13; Peter Durst 17.

Laser Class: 1. Ian Dilling 7; Katylynn Nason 8; Rob Nason 19.

Laser Radial Class: 1. Will Monts 5; 2. Kelly Nason 10.

Sunfish Jr Class: 1. Marc Deloach 5; 2. Lizzy Walters 11.0; 3. Sam Cabiness 14.

Y Flyer Class: 1. Toby Sheen 5.

Sunfish Master Class: 1. Brian Swan 9; Molly Aiken Loring 10; Greg Walters 17.

Lightning Class: 1. Jeff Irvine 11; Greg Fisher 14; Mitch Hall 22.

SIOD Class: 1. Michael Miller 5; Stan Laroche 14; Ned Goss 16.