Jadaveon Clowney wasn’t the only person to take last weekend off.

The Post and Courier’s Phil Bowman was so confident with his picks last week that he took Friday night off. He traveled to Chicago to see his beloved Buckeyes play.

But the picks? Oh yeah, Bowman was 6-0 for the week, marking the second time in six weeks that he achieved perfection.

Meanwhile, ABC News 4’s Dean Stephens struggled after going 5-1 in Week 5. He was just so-so last week with a 3-3 record.

Hard to believe that some teams have only three games left on the schedule. Yes, time flies when you savor football season.

Here are this week’s picks:

Summerville at Fort Dorchester

Bowman: Fort Dorchester gaining experience and confidence. Patriots, 21-17

Stephens: Wave felt like they had one stolen last Friday, won’t let it happen again. Summerville, 28-24.

West Ashley at Wando

Bowman: Wando needs a win. Wando gets a win. Warriors, 24-17.

Stephens: Wando needs a win. Wando won’t get a win, West Ashley, 21-20.

Cross at St. John’s

Bowman: Region 6-A showdown. Have to go with defending state champs. Cross, 22-16.

Stephens: No crossing up the state champions. Cross, 24-7.

Hanahan at Berkeley

Bowman: Cruce goes up against old team. Berkeley goes down. Hanahan, 28-14.

Stephens: The Hawks are really, really good. Hanahan, 31-20.

Stratford at Cane Bay

Bowman: Working on those Knight moves. Stratford, 35-10.

Stephens: Knight Time is the right time. Stratford, 41-7.

Goose Creek at Carolina Forest

Bowman: What’s not new: Gators win again. Goose Creek, 42-6.

Stephens: Not picking against the visitors this week. Goose Creek, 49-14.