Hanahan High School will have to forfeit nine football games and two wrestling matches for using an ineligible student-athlete. The school also faces a fine of $3,300 from the High School League.

Charlie Patterson, who serves as Hanahan's football coach and athletic director, said he could not comment on the situation and referred all questions to the school's principal, Glenda Levine.

"This is something we reported," Levine said. "It was a mistake we saw and reported. It wasn't like someone came in and found that we made a mistake and said, 'You did something wrong.' It was the right thing for us to do. We're going to admit we make a mistake even when we don't mean to do it."

Rodney Thompson, who serves as the chief administrative officer for the Berkeley County School District, said the school reported the infraction to the High School League and that it was an honest mistake.

"This was self-reported and involved the misinterpretation of a transcript of a student who had their ninth-grade year out of the country," he said. "It's unfortunate that it happened given the circumstances. I think it would have gotten past many of our athletic directors. I don't want to divulge too much information about the student, but he moved here from out of the country."

High School League commissioner Jerome Singleton said Hanahan school officials called him and notified him of the violation.

"They have to forfeit the games in writing to the schools involved and they have to notify me of the games they are forfeiting," he said. "And, we have fined them."

Singleton said the fine is $300 per ineligible player per game. He said it was one student-athlete who participated in both sports.

It marked the second time in three months that Hanahan was sanctioned by the High School League for using an ineligible athlete.

In February, the Hanahan wrestling team's shot at its first state championship came to an abrupt end when Singleton ruled that the Hawks used an ineligible wrestler in Hanahan's 34-33 victory over Loris in the Class AA Lower State final.

Hanahan wasn't the only local school to be sanctioned recently by the League. Singleton confirmed Woodland l had to forfeit three track and field meets for using an ineligible player.

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