RICHMOND, Va. — NASCAR said eight drivers are racing for the last two berths in the Chase for the Sprint Cup championship.

It’s really down to two for one wild-card berth in the 12-driver field.

The last spot is likely a race between Kyle Busch or Jeff Gordon, who both talk as if they are only racing each other Saturday (7 p.m./WCIV).

Busch can clinch a berth by winning the race, or by losing 12 or fewer spots to Gordon.

Gordon makes it into the Chase by finishing 13 points ahead of Busch. And, a week after failing to knock Denny Hamlin out of the way at Atlanta for what would have been a crucial victory, Gordon is vowing to do anything needed to make the Chase.

Ryan Newman signed a contract extension with Stewart-Haas Racing for next season.

Newman is in the final year of the deal he signed in 2009. The extension is a one-year agreement.

SHR is searching for sponsorship for next year. The U.S. Army said earlier this summer it’s not returning to NASCAR next season, and Office Depot said Sunday it won’t be back as co-primary of Tony Stewart’s car.

NASCAR passed a rule that will curb the ability of teams to set their cars up in a way that gives the driver easier rear steer.

Drivers have alleged Hendrick Motorsports made gains in the rear housing this season that has given its cars an aerodynamic advantage.

NASCAR has maintained through the complaints that the Hendrick teams weren’t breaking any rules.

Starting next week, a size of a piece of rubber called bushings that is located near the rear mounting points will have to meet a new maximum size.

The bushings were being manipulated to have more give and allow drivers more control of their steering as they went through the turns.