The American College of Building Arts has been named a "Hero of the New South" in the March issue of Southern Living magazine.

The college is being honored in the architecture category for advancing traditional Southern craftsmanship with a modern spirit.

Southern Living juror Jim Strickland, who also is president of Historical Concepts, a Georgia planning and architecture firm, said, "In a time when we are returning to the values of craftsmanship, this college is leading the way. ... Their graduates are continuing crafts that we once feared would be lost."

The winners were chosen based on their commitment to driving Southern culture forward; putting new spins on traditions; their community impact and influence; and how their contributions will affect future generations.

Other categories include foodways, eco-preservation, arts and culture.

The college, located in Charleston's old city jail, is the nation's only four-year liberal arts program where students can earn a college degree by studying traditional building trades.

The magazine will hit newsstands Feb. 24.