Tonight’s football game between Garrett and North Charleston high schools was not completed because of an unruly crowd, authorities said.

The game is rescheduled for 6 p.m. Monday.

North Charleston Police Department spokesman Spencer Pryor said that officials called the game because “the crowd was getting rowdy.”

He said that police provided crowd control. There was no fighting involved, he said.

Dave Spurlock, athletic director for Charleston County School District, said he went to the stadium at Garrett Academy of Technology on Gordon Street when he received a call about the incident.

Early reports suggested that there may have been a weapon involved, but the incident appears to have been nothing but a scare.

“The police said they did not see a gun,” he said.

“You get 15 to 25 kids together, and they kind of move like something is going to happen, but nothing does,” he said. “They tell me this happens at other activities, such as the fair.”