Defenses have to prepare for Florida's Burton

Florida's Trey Burton accounted for six touchdowns (five rushing, one receiving) against Kentucky on Saturday.

COLUMBIA -- Raise your hand if you had not heard of Florida's Trey Burton before Saturday.

(I just raised my hand.)

I feel like I know a good deal about this league, but I don't follow recruiting in great, breathless detail. And even if I did, Burton would still get somewhat lost in Florida's (typically) terrific recruiting class.

Heck, Burton was somewhat lost in Urban Meyer's mind until he dusted off the speedy southwest Floridian for a trial run at the Wild Gator formation.

Turns out, the kid has a knack for it.

After five rushing touchdowns (in five attempts), the Gators finally had their offensive spark in a 48-14 rout of Kentucky. Burton also caught a touchdown.

Seeing Burton made Bobby Bowden glad he retired. (He actually said that.)

This might sound minute, but note the fact that Burton was able to sell his ability to throw. His one pass attempt was a 42-yard completion.

As defenses prepare for Burton now, they have to at least consider the fact that, yes, he can throw.

It'll be interesting to see how Meyer chooses to use Burton in the future -- and especially this week at No. 1 Alabama.

Thumbs up

Candid Cameron

Cam Newton has been the best player in the league through four games. After what he did to a very good South Carolina defense, you can say that with some confidence.

Newton is leading the SEC in rushing and passing efficiency. Read that again. That's hard to do through one game, let alone a third of the year.

Good luck game-planning for him. Auburn and Gus Malzahn have plenty of other toys if you try to take him away. The Tigers will lose a game or two, but probably not more than that.

All-day Alshon

A lot of things stunk for South Carolina late in the game against Auburn. Alshon Jeffery wasn't one of them.

His performance -- eight catches and a career-high 192 yards, with two touchdowns -- was lost among Stephen Garcia's fumbles and myriad defensive woes.

Jeffery, a sophomore continues to show that there are few (and maybe no) defenses that can cover him. With 498 yards in four games, he's off to a heck of a start.

Striking a pose

After another punt return TD, Patrick Peterson is turning into a better return threat than a cover corner. And that's saying something. But LSU's star needs to leave the Heisman pose on the shelf. It's September, man.

Thumbs down

Hunkering down

Georgia is taking up full-time residence in this category. Now the offense is sputtering, in addition to the leaky defense. Washaun Ealey will not start this week at Colorado because he cannot stop fumbling. The Bulldogs are thankful, I'm sure, that A.J. Green is due back this week.

Playing chicken

Man, you rarely put Ellis Johnson and his staff on this line. But something went wrong in the game plan for Newton and Auburn.

Part of it was Newton, but the Gamecocks never really figured out what the Tigers were doing. Part of it was coaching, but a lot was on the players.

The reality is that USC is missing Eric Norwood's ability to pressure the passer. With all the returning players, that factor wasn't adequately measured out, it seems.

Stat of the week

0: Georgia's SEC wins in September.

Trav's take

--Ryan Mallett made two terrible fourth-quarter decisions (and a bad one earlier in the game), but you'll hear from Arkansas' gunslinger again this season.

--An overtime win against UAB is worse than losses to Oregon and Florida. But not worse than an overtime loss to UAB.

--Give Ole Miss credit for putting up a bunch of points to finally get things going. That's a decent Fresno team it beat.

--Anyone else think giving Florida a touchdown on the road is way too much? Don't underestimate Meyer and the Gators in a big game.