heinzeThe chef de cuisine switchover at McCrady’s may go unnoticed by diners, but promotee Daniel Heinze suggests it could be slightly traumatic for the two men involved. “It’s going to be scary to be without each other,” says Heinze, 30, who next month takes over from Jeremiah Langhorne. “Jeremiah and I are very like-minded, but absolutely different people. We’re the yin and the yang.” Although Heinze declined to reveal which chef identifies with which classical Chinese force, he described the six-year long collaboration in a way that recalls Lennon and McCartney’s songwriting partnership: “There are some things that have always been his, some things that have always been mine,” he says. But the end result was a coherent menu consistent with executive chef Sean Brock’s commitment to inventive presentations of locally-sourced ingredients and inspirations. “It’s been a great relationship,” Heinze says. Heinze says he hopes to develop dishes that reflect the new respect for minimalism he’s forged under Brock’s leadership. “He’s obviously been like a dad to me,” says Heinze, adding that he doesn’t expect Brock will have to put in extra kitchen hours during the transition. “He’s always around as much as he can be, or (available) by e-mail or text.” Right now, Heinze is hard at work on the fall menu, set to debut on Sept. 20. “Hopefully there are a lot of good changes to come,” he says. “We’re both really excited.”