Scott Spencer

Clemson guard Scott Spencer. (Photo Provided/Clemson Athletic Department)

CLEMSON — It was a possibility, Clemson coach Brad Brownell admitted in his end-of-season press conference, that there might be a player or two who might want to leave the Tigers' men's basketball program and elect to play the game elsewhere. 

That thought came to reality Thursday, when the Tigers announced sophomore guard Scott Spencer would do just that. Spencer is leaving the program and intends to transfer elsewhere. Where he intends to transfer at this time is still not certain. 

"I’d like to thank Scott for his commitment and dedication to our program over the last two seasons,” Brownell said in a statement. “We wish him the best of luck in the future.”

Spencer played limited minutes in his career with the Tigers and dealt with a back injury during his freshman year that cut his season short. In 2016-17, Spencer appeared in six nonconference games for a combined total of 28 minutes. This season, when Clemson made a run to the Sweet 16, Spencer played in 19 of the Tigers' 35 games but started none. He averaged 7.7 minutes per game and scored just 1.3 points, meaning the Tigers are not losing a heavy hitter as they look to replace him.

Spencer's transfer opens up a scholarship for another player of Brownell's choice. 

"College basketball is hard and hard for players, too sometimes," Brownell had said in that end-of-year press conference. "What we ask of these kids is a lot... Everything (you go through) to get ready, and then sometimes you don't get to play as much. So I think there's a possibility (transfers) could happen. That could happen every year. I just think that's the nature of it now." 

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