OMAHA, Neb. -- In two games, both wins, Clemson has 20 hits in this College World Series -- 19 singles and one Kyle Parker triple.

"It's kind of crazy, but it doesn't really matter," said Parker, the team's star right fielder, who was named a third-team All-American on Thursday. "I don't think anyone cares if we're hitting the ball out of the park or getting singles and scoring runs. We just want to win."

Besides being a statistical oddity, is it also a hidden advantage for the Tigers, who are now one victory away from the best-of-three national championship series?

In other words, if Clemson has been clubbing singles, are the extra-base hits and home runs on the way? After all, the Tigers have hit 93 homers this season.

Parker's triple, Tuesday against Oklahoma, might have actually been the team's 94th home run of the year. It hit just above the 408-foot sign in dead center field -- and it might've been above the yellow line that signals a homer.

Parker said he couldn't tell.

"I ended up scoring, anyway," Parker said. "It doesn't really matter to me."

Playing an ace

The Gamecocks decided late Wednesday -- really late -- that they would start ace Blake Cooper against Oklahoma, on three days' rest.

Cooper assured coaches that he was "100 percent" and could go deep into Thursday night's game.

The coaches went with the senior's instincts and started him. They reasoned that if your ace is available, and 100 percent, for an elimination game, you pitch him.

Gimme a break?

You would think Clemson would be happy to have a break from baseball, seeing as how the Tigers have had to play games the past three days because of bad weather. Right?

"The waiting is the hard part," Leggett said. "All you're doing on those days is practicing and eating. The day off is good, but you'd almost rather be playing."

Internal focus

The Tigers weren't too concerned Thursday morning about their opponent, whether it turned out to be Oklahoma (again) or South Carolina (again).

"I told you guys," Leggett said, "I'm concerned about how we play, not who we play. I don't care who we play."

Leggett wouldn't name a starter Thursday.

Speaking of focus ...

Leggett said he's pleased with how Parker has remained locked in on playing, even as his decision about the major leagues looms. Colorado made Parker a first-round pick earlier in the month.

"He's done well," Leggett said of Parker blocking out the distraction. "He's just trying to have fun and go through this tournament and then take it from there."

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