What's one thing you have learned about Wrigley Field that you didn't know prior to playing there?

"When I was watching games (at Wrigley) when I was younger, it seemed like the wind was always blowing out but that's definitely not the case. There are series where it will blow out the whole time, but that next series it will blow in the whole time. That surprised me."

After never reaching double digits in home runs while at Clemson, you have really developed your power, increasing your home run numbers each year as a pro. What's the key?

"With the leverage I have, I don't have to do too much. That's something when you're young, you are taking (batting practice) seeing if you can hit one even further than the last. Sometimes the hardest swing doesn't make the ball go the furthest. It's just learning I didn't have to do too much."

What did you do with the ball from your first major league hit? And the ball from your first major league home run? (It came off Tommy Hanson in Atlanta, near Colvin's hometown of Augusta).

"I'm pretty sure I gave (the first hit) to my granddad. It's probably at the house somewhere. The first home run? That's with my granddad as well. The guy actually threw it back on the field (in Atlanta) so we have that ball."

What's the best thing about playing in Chicago?

"The atmosphere. They are always in the game. It's such a great ballpark, just all the history that's there."

What's it like having former Clemson star Jeff Baker as a teammate?

"Baker helped me out a lot, just showing me the ropes once I got up here, showing me what to do and what not to do. We're buddies. He told me to make sure you get in a good routine and you're ready for anything. It's especially tough coming off the bench last year that's something no one is really ever used to. You just have to make sure you're ready and stay loose."

Do you keep up with Clemson baseball?

"Last year, Jeff and I, before we played in Atlanta, drove down to Athens (Ga.) and saw (Clemson) play the Bulldogs. We got to talk to them there. I was sorry they couldn't pull through (at the College World Series) but that's baseball."

What do you remember about being called up in September of 2009?

"We were just getting done with the Southern League championship series. I was eating with my grandparents, getting packed up to go home, and I got the call from (Ryne) Sandberg saying I was going up. It was pretty nice. I was excited and pretty nervous and couldn't finish the rest of my dinner."