Jack Douglas

Former Citadel quarterback Jack Douglas led the Bulldogs to upset wins over South Carolina (1990), Arkansas (1992), and Army (1991 and 1992) and to the 1992 Southern Conference championship. File/The Citadel

To say Jack Douglas is good at multi-tasking is more of an understatement than the notion that a victory over Kentucky this week would be kind of convenient for South Carolina. At The Citadel, Douglas led the Bulldogs to the 1992 Southern Conference championship — and to upset wins at South Carolina, Arkansas and Army (twice).

He earned a mathematics degree, works for Allstate Benefits in Columbia, was a member of The Citadel's Board of Visitors from 2004-2007 and serves on the Citadel Foundation board.

Douglas’ jersey No. 14 is retired at The Citadel.

He’s a member of the S.C. Athletic Hall of Fame.

Vince and Jack Douglas have been married for 25 years and have two sons, Reed, a budding filmmaker in Los Angeles, and Cole, a senior at Dartmouth.

No surprise then that when I asked Jack to serve as Pigskin Picks VIP picker, he plunged in.

“So a little bit of my ‘picking’ history,” Douglas explained. “I tend to make emotional picks, going with the team I want to win or that I have some sort of connection with. So I do not gamble and would advise the readers to not necessarily gamble using my picks.”

Bet you already know the Pigskin Picks rules: Beat me and the VIP picker to win braggin’ rights and a shot at prizes.

We differ on three games, all involving state teams.

But there is rare consensus on a Wake Forest win, rarer consensus these days on a Florida State win.

The Jack Douglas takeover of Week 5:

Clemson at North Carolina

Jack: “That’s easy. The Return of the Mack is not all the way back. UNC can’t compete … Yet.”

Jack Douglas pick: Clemson

Gene Sapakoff pick: Clemson

Kentucky at South Carolina

Jack: “Emotional pick. South Carolina HAS TO break UK’s win streak at some point, and why not now?”

Jack Douglas pick: South Carolina

Gene Sapakoff pick: Kentucky

The Citadel at Samford

Jack: “Can’t pick against my Dogs. The defense has played very well the last two weeks.”

Jack Douglas pick: The Citadel

Gene Sapakoff pick: Samford

Virginia at Notre Dame

Jack: “Notre Dame was impressive for three quarters vs. Georgia. Virginia was not impressive for three quarters vs. Old Dominion.”

Jack Douglas pick: Notre Dame

Gene Sapakoff pick: Notre Dame

Ohio State at Nebraska

Jack: “Everyone in South Carolina has a couple of neighbors or co-workers from Ohio who pull for the Buckeyes. So it’s sorta like an outta-state school with an in-state fan base.”

Jack Douglas pick: Ohio State

Gene Sapakoff pick: Ohio State

Mississippi St. at Auburn

Jack: “Impressive Auburn wins over Oregon and Texas A&M. Plus, my niece got her undergrad and grad degrees at Auburn.”

Jack Douglas pick: Auburn

Gene Sapakoff pick: Auburn

CCU at Appalachian St.

Jack: “Have to go with the home-state pick, plus the Kansas victory was impressive for Coastal Carolina. Can’t bring myself to pull for App State anyway.”

Jack Douglas pick: Coastal Carolina

Gene Sapakoff pick: Appalachian State

Texas A&M at Arkansas

Jack: “Can’t pull for Arkansas. We felt very disrespected in 1992 when, before and during the game, on a 100-degree day, they parked the “Razorback,” which was actually a farm hog, on our sideline. Do you know how bad farm animals smell in 100 degrees?”

Jack Douglas pick: Texas A&M

Gene Sapakoff pick: Texas A&M

Wake Forest at Boston College

Jack: “Wake’s current wide receivers coach is The Citadel’s ex-head coach, Kevin Higgins. I always like cheering for nerd schools.”

Jack Douglas pick: Wake Forest

Gene Sapakoff pick: Wake Forest

N.C. State at Florida State

Jack: “Have a young cousin committed to N.C. State, so I have to start pulling for them now.”

Jack Douglas pick: Florida State

Gene Sapakoff pick: Florida State

VIP picker Jim Stuckey last week: 7-3

Gene Sapakoff last week: 7-3

Gene Sapakoff season record: 26-14

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