Braggin' Rights Barometer

Braggin’ Rights Barometer, USC and Clemson

South Carolina 28, Clemson 27

The way it works

The tradition-rich BRB has predicted what to expect from a mythical Clemson-South Carolina game each week all season. Now it's Braggin' Rights Week, and the real pick clicks in. The toolbox includes computers, eye tests, The Marcus Lattimore Factor, game analysis and your tweets.

BRB tweet poll

Agree? Of course not! Disagree? Give us your projected Clemson-South Carolina score: Twitter/@sapakoff.

Common foe

Clemson 38, Auburn 24 on Sept. 17

Auburn 16, South Carolina 13 on Oct. 1

Best win

For No. 18 Clemson: at No. 6 Virginia Tech.

For No. 14 South Carolina: (with Marcus Lattimore and Stephen Garcia): at No. 13 Georgia.

Worst loss

For Clemson: N.C. State.

For South Carolina: Auburn.


We should be careful not to make too much of last week; Clemson blew a chance to jump to No. 4 but went to Raleigh thinking the game didn't mean much and South Carolina's athletic edge against The Citadel wasn't as apparent against its last four SEC foes.

The set-up

Amazing, the roller coaster ride this season, perception and reality captured in the snapshot of the week-to-week BRB projections below. South Carolina entered September as the heavy favorite but suffered through Stephen Garcia's departure and injuries to Marcus Lattimore, Kyle Nunn and others. Clemson at 8-0 was the surprise team of the nation. But the Gamecocks found ways to win close SEC games and the Tigers have regressed, with three disappointing performances in a row.

The vibe

Strange days indeed: Both teams enter Braggin' Rights Week with 9-2 records. Last summer, that would have been disappointing for the Gamecocks and happily gobbled up by Tiger fans.

Stranger: Quite conceivably, Clemson loses to South Carolina but wins the Orange Bowl. Certainly, this is the toughest of the Tigers' three remaining games.

Previous scores

Last: Clemson 21, USC 20

Nov. 7: Clemson 28, USC 23

Oct. 31: Clemson 24, USC 21

Oct. 24: Clemson 31, USC 17

Oct. 17: Clemson 28, USC 19

Oct. 10: Clemson 23, USC 20

Oct. 3: Clemson 21, USC 14

Sept. 26: Clemson 24, USC 23

Sept. 19: USC 31, Clemson 30

Sept. 12: USC 41, Clemson 28

Sept. 5: USC 38, Clemson 28

Preseason: USC 28, Clemson 14