A double-shot of T? It'll cost you.

The Colonial Athletic Association hit UNC Wilmington basketball coach Buzz Peterson with a one-game suspension after refs whistled him for back-to-back technical fouls in a loss to Drexel.

"If I'd have gotten a technical foul in the first half and maybe got one 10 minutes later, that's one thing," Peterson said. "But to get them within four seconds. ... Heck, I was still on the same sentence."

Two thumbs up

The funniest sports movie of all time, in the estimation of SportsPickle.com, is:

a) "Happy Gilmore."

b) "Major League."

c) "Caddyshack."

d) "Miami Heat: The 2011 Championship Season."

(The correct answer is "C".)

Brief notion

If the Broncos, quarterbacked by Jockey spokesman Tim Tebow, had won the Super Bowl, the underwear company was set to give away $1 million worth of its products.

Veteran Wall Street analysts say they had never seen a company so happy to lose its shorts.

Pick up that flag

Harvey Updyke, the accused Toomer's Corner tree-poisoner, has rejected prosecutors' plea deal that would have sent him to prison for 13 years and banned him from Alabama sporting events.

Or to put it in football terms, he declined the penalty.

Letter rip

Sports quiz question, from RJ Currie of SportsDeke.com:

"Q: What's the difference between Aussie Open tennis players Li Na and Barbora Zahlavova Strycova?

"A: Most of the alphabet."

Talking the talk

--Mike Bianchi of the Orlando (Fla.) Sentinel, after refs T'd up the Magic's Glen Davis for pulling down his pants to protest a foul call: "Yo, dude, I know your nickname is 'Big Baby,' but let's keep the diaper on, shall we?"

--Seattle Times reader Bill Littlejohn, on why 49-year-old hurler Jamie Moyer is a perfect fit for the Rockies: "The Coors Beer aging process."

--Steve Rushin of SI.com, via Twitter, with hockey salutations: "Happy 110th birthday to Frank Zamboni, who left us in 1988 but still resurfaces periodically."

Bank shot

JPMorgan Chase has filed for foreclosure on the Miami home of O.J. Simpson, the imprisoned Hall of Fame running back.

Or as O.J. apologists tried to spin it, merely a 2-yard loss.