‘Move Across America’ with Christ Our King — Stella Maris School

The fourth-grade class at Christ Our King -- Stella Maris School.

Students at Christ Our King — Stella Maris School in Mount Pleasant are on the move. They’re taking a trip across America, well sort of. It’s a journey they’re taking, one step at a time.

Teacher Wendy Wilkins’ fourth-grade class at Christ Our King Stella Maris performs a dance workout routine before beginning their trip across America. It’s both a virtual and real journey, all a part of a program called Move Across America, a unique fun program, created at Christ Our King that encourages students to get fit and move, all while having fun learning.

Wendy Wilkins says, “In P.E. class, students are running and walking, as well as home, and they’re tracking their mileage. In math class, they add the mileage. I have created a route across America, starting in Mount Pleasant, ending in Hollywood, Calif., as we track across America we stop and learn at each stop.”

The cross-curricular program includes fitness, history, writing, and math. Wilkins says, “We started in September. The kids currently have traveled 1,878 miles and they have 2,228 miles to go.”

At its conclusion next spring, students will log more than 3,900.

Wilkins says, “They are very excited. They are wearing pedometers on their feet to track the mileage here at school as they’re running around the playground. They’re really amazed at how much they are moving.

“Not only can they run and walk, they can incorporate swimming and bike riding. So it’s a nice challenge for them to get fit.”

Fourth-grader Katie Weaver says, “I think it’s fun and it’s helping us get exercise and be healthier, and I can not wait to reach our final goal.”

Students wear their pedometers to track mileage everywhere. Fourth-grade student Emma Puckhaber says it’s a journey they take seriously. Puckhaber says, “I play soccer. I run in my neighborhood with my friends, and I walk my dog.”

Fourth-grader Noah Davey says, “It fun, and we get to stop and learn about certain states, and parts of states, and I think that’s the most fun about it, and I get exercise.”