April 24 Trident Fishing Tournament

Bob Watts, Jimmy Johnson, Marlene Augustine and David Richardson all had to take a turn on the rod in a two-hour battle with relatively light tackle before getting this 300-pound blue marlin to the boat on April 19 aboard Seadog, a 31-foot Contender. They were fishing in 1,400 feet of water south of Charleston. The fish was revived and swam away. Photo by Bob Watts.

Week 25

(All weights in pounds and ounces)


Amberjack G 92-8 Michael Fedoryshyn

Blackfish G 4-6 Scott Rooke

Blackfish L 2-12 Don Rogers

Blackfish UL 4-8 Scott Rooke

Croaker UL 0-9 Russ Perkins

Flounder L 7-12 Carl Smith Jr.

Pompano L 3-13 Bill Jones

Pompano UL 2-8 Gavin Jenkins

Sheepshead G 12-6 Jordan Stewart

Sheepshead L 15-6 Matt Hoffmann

Sheepshead UL 5-4 Bud Craven

Snapper UL 3-15 Scott Rooke

Swordfish G 99-11 Heather Leman

Triggerfish G 8-0 Fran Gulski

Triggerfish L 6-8 Jack Walker

Trout L 6-5 Bill Jones

Trout UL 6-0 Gerald Grenier

Trout FR 3-1 Eddie Robbins

Wahoo G 81-6 Billy Freeman

Saltwater Tackle Categories

General – Over 20-pound test line; Light – Over 8-pound through 20-pound test line; Ultralight – 8-pound test and under. Flyrod – 20-pound tippet or less.


Largemouth bass L 5-0 Russ Perkins

Largemouth bass UL 5-7 Eddie Robbins

Largemouth bass FR 4-2 Eddie Robbins

Bream-all others UL 1-1 Alexandra Kolzer

Bream-all others FR 1-0 Ben Gwinn

Redbreast FR 0-12 Ben Gwinn

Warmouth FR 0-11 Ben Gwinn

Catfish G 51-15 Paul Daniels

Catfish L 34-4 Lonnie East III

Catfish UL 22-4 Lonnie East III

Crappie G 2-2 Lonnie East III

Crappie UL 3-4 Keith Brown

Crappie FR 2-1 Ben Gwinn

American shad UL 4-11 Diane Dupere

American shad FR 3-11 Thomas Hutto III

Freshwater Tackle Categories

General – Over 14-pound test line; Light – Over 8-pound through 14-pound test line; Ultralight – 8-pound test and under; Flyrod – 20-pound test tippet or less.

Catch and release

Jason Schall 2790

Lewis Lee 1210

Russ Perkins 390

James Larue 80

Fran Gulski 80

Dylan Jackson 80