A Bulldog in Paris

The Citadel’s Alex Glover has signed to play American football in France for the Paris Mousquetaires. (AP Photo/Richard Shiro)

Paris, the City of Lights, is known for food, fashion and ... football?

That’s where former Citadel wide receiver Alex Glover is headed to begin his professional football career, as a member of the “Paris Mousquetaires,” one of many teams playing American football in Europe.

And it is football and not soccer that Glover will be playing.

“I made sure of that,” laughed Glover, who departed Tuesday after a whirlwind courtship with the Musketeers (English version).

The former Wando High School standout typed his name into a website called europlayers.com, which serves as a data bank for athletes interested in playing American football in Europe. He set up a profile, uploaded some video, and started getting responses immediately.

“Last Thursday, the offensive coordinator from the team in Paris called me and said he liked my film,” said Glover, a 6-3, 227-pounder who was a three-year starter for the Bulldogs and caught eight passes for 136 yards and a touchdown last season. “He said, ‘Can you be here in five days?’ I’ve got nothing else going on, so I said sure.”

The team, which is in midseason and has lost all three of its games thus far, will set Glover up with an apartment about 10 minutes south of Paris. His contract is through May, unless he can help rally the team to make the playoffs.

The Musketeers, who play in France’s second division, have a few American players, Glover said, though most of them are from Europe and Canada. The Musketeers’ quarterback is former North Dakota State player Troy Jackson.

“I’ve seen some of their highlight tape, and they look like a pretty decent team,” said Glover, whose Citadel highlights included a leaping 34-yard grab to set up a touchdown in the Bulldogs’ 23-22 upset of South Carolina last season. “A lot of their technique is not as fluid as what we have over here. The coach sent me a bunch of plays, and it’s not what we did at The Citadel. It’s more pass-oriented, and that’s fine with me.”

Europe has an extensive network of American football teams, with most countries fielding first, second and third-division squads. The European Federation of American Football holds a club tournament called “Eurobowl,” and a European championship. The Federation has 24 member countries, from Austria to Ukraine.

If he can, Glover plans to hop on EuroRail and travel while overseas.

“It’s cool, a dream come true,” he said. “It’s not the NFL, but I’m getting paid to play a sport I love, and have had some success doing. I hope I can get over there and make a difference for them.”