Determination, grit rewarded

Nick Riccio receives an honorary deputy certificate from Charleston County Sheriff Al Cannon on Friday at Charleston County Council chambers as Riccio's father, Charleston Police Lt. Daniel Riccio, looks on.


RIDGELAND — If you’re speeding along a stretch of Interstate 95 in southern South Carolina you may be on camera.

The Beaufort Gazette reports the town of Ridgeland is still using automated cameras to catch speeders, despite a state law that says tickets based only on photographic evidence must be issued in person.

Police in the town about 20 miles from the Georgia-South Carolina state line sit in a recreational vehicle watching computer monitors relay information from cameras and radar.

If a driver is doing over 80 mph, the camera snaps a picture of the driver and the vehicle’s plate and a ticket is mailed.

Ridgeland Mayor Gary Hodges says that because an officer is monitoring the system, tickets aren’t based only on photographic evidence.


Information from: The Beaufort Gazette,