If your golf ball was sitting on the edge of the hole when early Wednesday’s tiny temblor struck, you might have saved a stroke.

But considering the time of the quake -- 4:48 a.m. -- and its weakness -- just a 2.2 on the Richter Scale -- it apparently went unnoticed except by local seismographs.

The quake was centered beneath the Wescott Plantation golf course in North Charleston, about five miles south-southeast of Summerville and five miles below ground, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

Police in Summerville and in North Charleston, and a golf course employee, all said they were unaware until asked about it that there had been a quake.

Geology professor Erin Beutel at the College of Charleston said the quake was measured by seismographs in the Summerville area.

She said she has not heard of anyone who felt the quake, which she said is understandable considering its time of day and low magnituide.