SHANGHAI — A Shanghai subway train rear-ended another Tuesday, injuring more than 210 people in the latest trouble for the rapidly expanded transportation system in China’s commercial center.

The crash on line 10, one of the city’s newest subways, occurred after Shanghai Shentong Metro Group blogged that the line was having delays due to equipment problems.

Shanghai, a city of 23 million, has rapidly expanded its subway system in recent years and some lines have seen problems with faulty signaling, windows shattering, doors not opening properly and poorly trained train operators.

At least 212 people were hurt in the crash, three of them seriously, the metro operator said. It said none had life-threatening injuries, though some of the injured were carried away on stretchers.

Photos posted online by passengers showed some of the injured covered in blood and lying on the floor of the train.

The accident snarled traffic downtown as police set up road blocks to clear the way for ambulances, and hundreds of gawkers gathered to watch as passengers were escorted out of the subway.