Waiting to meet 2018 Southeastern Wildlife Exposition's featured artist, Kathryn Mapes Turner, in the lobby of the Charleston Place Hotel, I am told by a SEWE staff member that Turner is on her way, but stopped to take in the late afternoon light.

The Southeastern Wildlife Exposition works with a number of organizations to produced a variety of special events throughout the weekend.

Picture the late Pat Conroy making biscuits on a stage. You’d be disappointed if the famed storyteller stuck to the recipe and just demonstrated how to make a biscuit, wouldn’t you? You’d want him to tell the story behind the recipe, because there’s always a story. As Conroy famously said: "…

Tickets are available at the following locations through SEWE weekend:

Jeff Corwin has joined the pantheon of wildlife and conservation TV celebrities that over generations has included Jacques Cousteau, Marlin Perkins, Steve Irwin and Jack Hanna by tapping into a passion that goes back to growing up in inner-city Boston during the 1970s.

The Southeastern Wildlife Exposition works with a number of organizations to produce a variety of special events throughout the weekend.

Ezra Tucker, featured artist of the 2017 Southeastern Wildlife Exposition, has a soft, warm voice. Looking through his portfolio you imagine it’s the gentle address required to approach the timid fawns and delicate foxes captured in some of his paintings, poised it seems to leap from the canvas.

Wildlife sculptors who work from life follow the same process as plein-air painters. Packing a bag with a camera and a sketchbook, they head outdoors to observe birds, bears, deer and buffalo. They watch the way the animals move and then they come back to their studio and work to re-create t…

No, no, no. You won't get your sights on a coyote at this year's Southeastern Wildlife Exposition. But the ubiquitous varmint has slinked its way into the high-brow hunting, fishing and outdoors extravaganza for what may be a first appearance.

Much of the national culinary chatter about Charleston has lately centered on barbecue, which has gone from a local favorite food group to a significant driver of economic development. But what’s rarely reported beyond the city is how bluegrass music has become the soundtrack of the restaura…