Kelly is a 15-year-old girl who came to an emergency shelter with her younger sister because of physical abuse by a family member. She doesn't understand why she had to move out of state and away from her family.

Although she has a sibling with her at the shelter, Kelly wishes that she could have a normal Christmas, spending time with family and friends over the holidays. Through your contribution to the Good Cheer Fund, Kelly's and her sister's Christmas will be made brighter through a few presents and holiday festivities.

Every cent of each donation to the Good Cheer Fund is given to six local charitable organizations — The Salvation Army, Star Gospel Mission, Association for the Blind, Catholic Charities, Carolina Youth Development Center and Lowcountry Food Bank. There are no overhead or administrative costs involved. Also, funds are not distributed to any individual or organization outside the Good Cheer Fund agencies.

Send your contribution today to the Good Cheer Fund, c/o The Post and Courier, 134 Columbus St., Charleston, SC 29403-4800. Donations received after Saturday will be included in the final accounting of the Good Cheer Fund on Dec. 31.


In honor of Tigger Smythe, our Mummy and Dandy, love David, Ruthie, Cord, and Cate $50.00

In honor of Libby Conway, the best Momma/Mama, love Ruthie, David, Cord, and Cate 50.00

In honor of Elizabeth Lawler, our dear Aunt Bet, love Ruthie, David, Cord, and Cate 50.00

Brew and Libby Hagood 250.00

Barbara and Dick Haberman 25.00

In honor of our children: Kim, Bradley, Jonathan, and Philip, from Shirley Richardson and Paul Yantis 100.00

Marilyn Cook 50.00

In thanksgiving for our grandchildren, Taylor Edwards, Hayker Schopfer, Autumn Preedy, Brandon Edwards, Hunter Preedy, Hannah Schopfer, Ryder Putnam, Logan Preedy, Karly Edwards, and Madison Preedy, from Pat and Pete Schopfer 250.00

Calvin and Joyce East 200.00

Walter and Doris 25.00

The Happy Bookers of Summerville 80.00

Gary and Val Williams 100.00

In honor of our precious grandchildren: Christopher, Caitlyn, Cassidy, Stephanie, Leigh, Zoe, Emma, and Isaiah, from Cecil and Ruth Mills 50.00

In honor of the staff at John Wesley United Methodist Church, from Rev. and Mrs. Paul Wood, Jr. 150.00

Lionel and Sally Lawson 100.00

J. Sidney Boone, Jr. 100.00

"Sassy the cat" and the Furlongs 20.00

In honor of teachers and staff at O'Quinn School - Mt. Pleasant, from Edward and Leslie 100.00

Jean and Zev Wolf 35.00

Andrea and Ron Lovejoy 100.00

In honor of Bryn, Carole Lee, and Erica 50.00

In honor of Miriam Horne, by Clara and Pete Polutta 50.00

Tracy and Mary Ann Tindal 100.00

The Low Country Sams Camping Club 100.00

In honor of Chuck and Barbara Friedrichs 30.00

Parachute Heating & Air - Troy Pardee 100.00

In thanksgiving for Ellie 114.00

In honor of my employees at Harrison Newsome & Fryer Jewelers 100.00

In honor of my family and friends, from Mary Paula Newsome Fryer 100.00

In honor of Brad Dobbs, from Cindy Babb 100.00

W.J.H. 365.00

James S. Harrel, Jr. 100.00

Mildred W. Barron 25.00

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Ogilvie 100.00

Michael Jones 50.00


Nine contributions totalling 1,036.50

In lieu of cards

Darryl and Carol Johnson (local) 50.00

Wesley Leitch 50.00

Dr. Jim Hardin and Candace 200.00

Robert and Grace Walker 50.00

In memory of

John C. Conway, love, Sam 50.00

Henry B. Smythe, our grandfather, love, Cord and Cate 50.00

My best little buddy, Carlton, love, Cord 25.00

Dr. Raoul B. Conway, forever Peter Pan, love your sis, Tink/Wendy 50.00

Rosemary and Charles Rowland and Philip Lawler, my aunt and uncles, love Ruthie 50.00

My birthday buddy, J. Palmer Gaillard 25.00

Alex and Myrtle Schilling and David Graham, Jr. 20.00

Our parents, from Fred and Marina Block 100.00

The McCrary and Gould Families 25.00

Aunt Sallie, love Frances, Julia, Jeanne, Ann McLeod, Annie, Richard, and Sallie 100.00

Mr. and Mrs. Whitemarsh Seabrook Smith, Jr. 100.00

Mr. Everett Lawson and Mr. Robert Easterlin Smith 100.00

Mr. Richard Woodward Hutson 100.00

Carlton, love your Godmother 50.00

Betty C. St. Laurent, from friends Nancy and Marthanne 50.00

Our nephew, Frankie Clement, from George and Hilda Hamrick 100.00

My granddaughter, Jammie Keen and son-in-law, Keith Rochester 25.00

Blanche and Martin Niederman & Edith and Edward Schleimer 50.00

Pricilla Kemp, Mary Michel Kuhn, and John Michel 25.00

Our daughter, Karen Keenum, Russell and Connie Green 75.00

My mom, Karen Keenum, from your loving daughter Olivia 25.00

Barbara Cart, my dear friend, from Jennifer Reed 30.00

My friends, Tommy and Michael McLeod, from Charles Weeks 10.00

Patricia Dotterer Jenkins, who will always live in my heart, from Sister 50.00

Alfred E. (Al) Pidde - World War II Veteran 1939 - 1959 and our son, Robert E. Pidde 50.00

Richard G. Webster 25.00

Sue and Icicle Bolton 25.00

Susan Ann Wade, from her Mom and Dad 100.00

John, Peggy, and Jay Groblewski 100.00

David L. Shortridge 100.00

Rev. David L. England 50.00

My Edward 50.00

WCS, from J, D, and C 50.00

Sonia Patel 101.00

Betty and Jim Diggs 125.00

Frank Sullivan 125.00

My husband, Henry W. Vierschilling 100.00

My sister, Charlene Smith Wieters 50.00

My brother, Austin Muckenfuss 50.00

Our parents Joseph D. Gatch and Mary L. Gatch 50.00

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Frye 100.00

Emily Laura 300.00

TODAY'S TOTAL $7,591.50

PREVIOUS TOTAL $167,089.90

YEAR TO DATE $174,681.40

LAST YEAR TO DATE $228,546.00