Police chase ends with car wrapped around utility pole

A man was injured after police gave chase that ended when he crashed his car into a utility pole.

BEAUFORT — Officials are worried that talk of defense cuts could affect the future of new jets destined for a base on the South Carolina coast.

The Beaufort Gazette reports a U.S. House review suggests nearly $1 trillion could be trimmed from defense spending during the next decade. The study says almost $10 billion could saved by stopping production of the Navy’s new F-35 jets.

The $90 million fighters are scheduled to replace the F-18s flown out of the Marine Corps Air Station in Beaufort.

Retired Marine Lt. Gen. Garry Parks chairs the Beaufort Regional Chamber of Commerce’s Military Enhancement Committee. Parks says talk of defense cuts raises concerns about the local base’s future.

The local congressman, U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson, says canceling or delaying the F-35s would put the nation at risk.