SUMMERVILLE — It had been more than a decade since Heyward Hutson was last sworn in as a member of the state House of Representatives, but Tuesday the 71-year-old showed he still knows how to take the oath of office.

More than 100 Hutson supporters turned out to see the former House member become one again. Hutson, who served in the House from 1992-96, battled his way through a Republican primary and runoff this fall for the District 94 seat. He then ran unopposed in a Dec. 4 special election.

He thanked supporters and vowed to adhere to his campaign platform calling for stronger limits on lower Dorchester County growth.

Hutson's wife, Evelyn, stood beside him as the oath of office was administered by Dorchester County Master-in-Equity Pat Watts in the Dorchester County Council chambers in Summerville.

"I felt that after 10 years' absence (from the House), I still had something to give," Hutson, a former Dorchester County councilman.

Hutson told supporters that they are invited to contact him if he ever strays from his promises. "If you ever have any doubts about my performance, you bring them directly to me," he said.