SUMMERVILLE — Police say a man ambushed employees outside of a Dollar General on Sunday, forcing them to crawl on the ground at gunpoint.

At one point the suspect told a second victim, "I'm facing two murder charges and I don't care if it is two more," according to a Summerville police incident report released on Monday.

Police say the robbery happened about 9:30 p.m. at the Dollar General on Ladson Road.

The victims told police they walked out of the store and locked it when a black male about 5-foot-6 and 200 pounds, wearing all black, approached them from behind and pointed a gun at the back of the male victim's head.

The female victim saw the male victim on the ground at the feet of the suspect, who ordered her on the ground as well.

The suspect then told them to crawl to the store's entrance where one of the victims unlocked the store and turned the alarm off. Once inside, the suspect pointed his gun at the victims and told them to lay on the floor near the registers until the timer on the safe went off, the report said.

Once the safe opened, the suspect filled plastic shopping bags with all the money from the safe, totaling $3,143. He also took the female victim's purse and the male victim's wallet. They were told to wait for 10 minutes on the floor before getting up, the report said.

Police arrived on the scene about 10 p.m. Two witnesses told officers they saw two men wearing all black running from the store on Margaret Drive.

The report also states that the witnesses saw an older model green Ford Explorer speed past them three times. The SUV approached a man on the street in an orange shirt who told the men inside the car "I ain't going with you."

The man in the orange shirt got into the vehicle as the vehicle left the scene, according to the report.