JAMES ISLAND -- Bill Woolsey finished first in Tuesday's election for mayor of the Town of James Island, according to results published today by Charleston County elections officials. The final results will be certified later this week. As of now the results show:

Mayor's race

*Bill Woolsey — 39.82 percent

Mary Clark — 19.78 percent

J. Warren Sloane — 17.95percent

Jonathan Brown — 15.07 percent

Brett Skibo Johnson — 7.33 percent

Town Council

(Four open seats)

*Robin Welch — 18.52 percent

*Carter McMillan — 11.22 percent

*Karen Wilder-Smalls — 11.06 percent

*Leonard Blank (i) — 10.78 percent

Denny McKeever —10.15 percent

David Engelman — 9.19 percent

Bill Cubby Wilder (i) — 9.06 percent

Parris Williams (i) — 8.62 percent

Darren Troy Mullinax — 6.1 percent

James Balliet — 5.08 percent

2 referendums

Question 1: Increase the number of members of Town Council from four to six:

In favor: *62.17 percent

Against: 37.83 percent

Question 2: Extend future term of office of mayor and council members and stagger the election of two council members:

In favor: *54.09 percent

Against: 45.91 percent

SOURCE: Unofficial results, James Island Municipal Election, Charleston County Board of Elections