Reberthed warship Laffey listing slightly at Patriots Point

The destroyer Laffey is listing about 6 degrees starboard in its new site at Patriots Point. Officials say it could take about a month for the World War II museum piece to settle in and right itself.

The reberthed destroyer Laffey is listing about 6 degrees toward the starboard side at low tide in its perch at Patriots Point in Mount Pleasant, but museum officials say it's nothing to be alarmed over.

The World War II ship will take about 30 days to settle in to the trench left in the sediment when the submarine Clamagore was removed earlier this week and towed to the south end of the aircraft carrier Yorktown, Patriots Point Executive Director Mac Burdette said.

The 377-foot-long Laffey, known as "The Ship That Would Not Die" for surviving Japanese kamikaze attacks in 1945, is longer and wider than the submarine and is going through a nesting process of settling in at the new site, Burdette said.

"She is in no danger of rolling, and her hull is in excellent shape," Patriots Point said in a prepared statement.

Now that the 60-foot pier section has been replaced and power is about to be restored to the Yorktown, Burdette said he didn't want people to look at the ship and think it was tipping over.

Patriots Point remains closed to the public. Burdette hopes the naval and maritime museum will reopen before the weekend.