Charleston's downtown constituent school board is involved in another contentious battle, but this fight has nothing to do with its usual adversary, the county school board.

Some have taken issue with the results of the November election, in which the final election results differed from the preliminary results for two of the board's three vacant seats. No one ran for any of the board's offices, so voters wrote in candidates' names.

After tallying the ballots, preliminary results showed that Tony Lewis, Damon Sabb and Fouchena Sheppard won, but election officials recounted the votes after seeing some errors and came out with a different set of winners: Dana Morton, Nicholas Shalosky and Fouchena Sheppard. The second set of winners was certified by the election board, but that didn't happen until after the three initial winners were sworn in and attended two constituent school board meetings.

Lewis, vice president and general manger of a semi-pro football team, has protested the results, and the Board of Elections and Voter Registration has agreed to talk about the issue at a meeting on Wednesday.

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