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Long-awaited Summerville
park to be finished and opened
to the public by 2022

Summerville planning
commission split on dropping
development rules that took years

Turning a wooded area surrounding
Eugene Sires Elementary School into a
large public park has been in the works
since 2011. By 2022, Pine Trace Natural
Area will become Dorchester County’s
largest county-owned park space.

Summerville officials who make
recommendations around building and the
future of the area are divided on getting rid
of 300 pages of development guidelines.
Town Council recently agreed to repeal and
replace its Unified Development Ordinance.

Summerville resident Ashley
Lawrence wins Ms. Wheelchair
South Carolina USA

SCDOT to spend the next two
weeks collecting opinions on
Berlin G. Myers third phase

Three years ago, 40-year-old Ashley
Lawrence’s life changed after a spinal
injury caused her to lose the use of her
right leg. Not one to be set back, she
recently was crowned Ms. Wheelchair USA
South Carolina. But she still faces struggles
just getting into buildings.

For the next couple of weeks, residents
will have the opportunity to voice their
concerns and comments on the third and
final phase of the Berlin G. Myers Parkway.
The Summerville road project has been
planned since 1976 and is slated to cost
$118 million.

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