They’ve been talking about the need for new schools for months, if not years, in Berkeley and Dorchester counties, and today officials are finally kicking off their campaigns.

Dorchester District 2 is asking voters Nov. 6 to approve $179.9 million to fund three new elementary schools, a new middle school of the arts and renovate 10 others. It would mean $85 increase in taxes on a $100,000 house. Berkeley is asking for $198 million for a new high school, a new middle school and three elementary schools. It also would include renovations for 29 schools.

The Nov. 6 referendum would mean a $40 tax increase on a $100,000 home starting in 2014, and an additional $40 starting in 2017, based on the county’s current tax base. It would go back down to $40 in 2023 and phase out by 2036.