Haley: State of State about challenges, opportunity

Governor Nikki Haley is greeted by a supporter as she leaves her first State Budget and Control Board meeting as governor at the Wade Hampton Building on the S.C. State House grounds on January 13, 2010.

Do South Carolina's congressmen support SOPA and/or PIPA?


Lindsey Graham (R) - Yes. But he appreciates the opposition's arguments and is open to modified legislation.

Jim DeMint (R) - No. From Twitter Wednesday morning, "I support intellectual property rights, but I oppose SOPA & PIPA. They're misguided bills that will cause more harm than good."


Tim Scott (R) - No. "He certainly doesn't condone piracy but doesn't think SOPA is the right way to go about preventing piracy and things of that nature," Scott spokesman Sean Smith said Wednesday. "If it came up for a vote as is, he would not support it."

Joe Wilson (R) - Undecided.

Jeff Duncan (R) - No. From Facebook Wednesday morning, "We don't need SOPA.....we need FREEDOM!! … I will continue to oppose this legislation as currently written."

Trey Gowdy (R) - Undecided.

Mick Mulvaney (R) - Did not respond to inquiries Wednesday.

Jim Clyburn (D) - Unclear. "I support efforts to combat online piracy and protect intellectual property," Clyburn said in a statement supplied by his spokeswoman. "At the same time, I think its important that any effort to do so also protects the inherent openness of the Internet and dynamic nature on which it thrives. These are important issues and I encourage both sides to continue working together to find a reasonable solution."