COLUMBIA — Voters in South Carolina's Republican primary voiced their anger Tuesday over the new federal health care law and high state government spending.

They overwhelmingly answered 'yes' to two ballot questions asking state lawmakers to take a stand against both issues. The first ballot question asked if legislators should make it illegal to force South Carolina residents to buy health insurance or participate in any health care plan against their will. The second asked if legislators should pass bills that limit spending growth by linking it to average income increases or gains in population and inflation.

Republican voters overwhelmingly said they should. The outcome was expected by state GOP leaders.

South Carolina GOP executive director Joel Sawyer said the questions had two purposes: to prompt action from legislators and to increase primary turnout by giving Republicans another reason to vote. He said the party hopes to identify new primary voters and keep them informed.

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Turnout is traditionally low in primaries. In a state where voters don't register by party, primary voting rolls are a way to gauge which way voters lean politically.

No questions appeared on Tuesday's Democratic ballot.