US Rep Rice: Feds give $2M to help with Georgetown dredging

U.S. Rep. Tom Rice

GEORGETOWN, S.C. — U.S. Rep. Tom Rice says the Army Corps of Engineers is getting $2 million to begin the process of dredging the Port of Georgetown.

Rice, a Republican who represents South Carolina’s 7th District, announced Tuesday the money is a critical step in restoring the Georgetown shipping channel and highlights the importance of the port.

Maritime interests want to restore the channel to 27 feet to attract more cargo. The channel was last dredged 11 years ago.

Last year Rice worked to amend a federal water resources bill so that 10 percent of the federal Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund can be used for dredging smaller ports.

And last fall, Georgetown County voters approved a tax increase to generate about $28 million toward the $33 million cost of the Georgetown dredging.