Town Council District 3 and Town Council District 5 candidates

Walter Bailey

AGE: 63

EDUCATION: University of South Carolina, law degree


PRIOR PUBLIC OFFICE: 1st Circuit Solicitor, 1993- 2004

ISSUES: Fiscal responsibility, providing more funds for public safety. Aggressive annexations outside town limits to provide revenue and manage growth.

QUOTE: "The reality is, if you don't annex these developments, you still get the problems: traffic, crowding of schools, parks and playgrounds. We need to annex to make the best of the situation."

HOW TO CONTACT:,, 509-7744.

Howard Bridgman

AGE: 63

EDUCATION: University of Massachusetts, bachelor's degree in wood science and technology

OCCUPATION: Former Navy pilot and retired paper industry salesman

PRIOR PUBLIC OFFICE: Town Councilman, 2005-present

ISSUES: Manage growth, make sure new development pays for the facilities to support it.

QUOTE: "When you do things (such as annexing Central Avenue properties) in the face of the people who live there, disregarding the recommendation of the school district's superintendent, that's aggressive annexation. Whenever you annex anything (developers) want a deal. We have gotten ourselves in trouble in the past."

HOW TO CONTACT: 297-2366, 873-0255,

Virgil "Bob" Flowers

AGE: 72

EDUCATION: Baptist College at Charleston, bachelor's degree in business administration

OCCUPATION: Retired from Air Force, retired Dorchester School District 2 transportation director

PRIOR PUBLIC OFFICE: Town Council, 2003-present

ISSUES: Pace development to assure at least 2 percent growth per year needed to maintain services without raising taxes.

QUOTE: "We were the first town in the state to implement impact fees. What we need is high-end, quality development supplemented by commercial development if we're going to continue to offer the services we have at a low cost to the taxpayer."


Kima Garten-Schmidt

AGE: 48

EDUCATION: California State-San Bernadino, associate degree

OCCUPATION: Substitute teacher, Rollings Middle School of the Arts PTSA president

ISSUES: Manage growth fairly to keep from taxing current residents to pay for services for new residents.

QUOTE: "Our town is not going to change until we get people in place who will think a little harder before making decisions."

HOW TO CONTACT: 821-9337,