Thomas Ravenel supporting Ron Paul

Thomas Ravenel

Former South Carolina Treasurer Thomas Ravenel, a self-described “victim of a government’s costly ‘War on Drugs,’ ” is throwing his support to Texas Congressman Ron Paul —the presidential hopeful most hostile to that war.

Ravenel resigned as treasurer in 2007 after he was indicated on federal charges of cocaine possession and distribution. He announced his choice Friday on his Facebook page and an via email.

“It has become painfully clear in recent years that the most pernicious threat to individual liberty and prosperity in the United States is the federal government – which was founded two-and-a-quarter centuries ago on what were supposed to be ‘inalienable’ principles of freedom and free markets,” Ravenel said. “Our government has turned its back on these principles.”

He praised Paul for “standing up for liberty, for taxpayers and warning our leaders of the consequences of their habitual betrayal of both.”

Ravenel served a 10-month sentence after pleading guilty to one count of conspiracy with intent to distribute. He has said he used and shared the drug with friends but did not actually sell it.

Four years ago, Ravenel wasn’t backing Paul but instead served as chair of former Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s GOP presidential campaign in the state. Ravenel resigned from that role after the cocaine charge.

South Carolina’s Republican presidential primary is Jan. 21.