FOLLY BEACH — Dale Stuckey will face Sandy Hickman in a Nov. 22 runoff for a City Council seat, Mayor Tim Goodwin said.

Unofficial results show Stuckey received 33 percent of the vote to 25 percent for Hickman, Goodwin said.

Neither received enough votes to win Tuesday, according to the Folly Beach election formula. The election was to determine who would serve the remaining three years of the unexpired Council term of Laura Beck, who resigned because she was moving off the island. Beck subsequently entered the Charleston City Council District 11 race.

Also competing for the seat were Folly Beach Mayor Vernon Knox, who received 22 percent of the vote; Lewis Dodson, 12 percent; and Alan Kleinfeld, 6 percent.

Erosion is a major issue for Folly. In late August, Hurricane Irene blasted dunes at the south end of the island and forced officials to close Folly Beach County Park through the rest of the year. The storm also stole sand at the island's north end at the surf spot known as 'The Washout.'

Goodwin wants a new beach renourishment effort, which he estimated will cost $18 million with most of the cost borne by the federal government and the city providing a local match.

All precincts were reported Tuesday.

Dale Stuckey — 33 percent

Sandy Hickman — 25 percent

Vernon Knox — 22 percent

Lewis Dodson — 12 percent

Alan Kleinfeld — 6 percent