MOUNT PLEASANT — Thomasena Stokes-Marshall, Ken Glasson, Chris Nickels and Chris O'Neal were elected Tuesday to four-year terms on Town Council, according to unofficial results.

"I am very much delighted," Stokes-Marshall said.

With all 39 precincts reporting, Stokes-Marshall had 3,655 votes; Glasson, 3,259; Nickels, 3,163; O’Neal, 3,126.

Also, Mark Smith had 3,062 votes; Joe Bustos 2,948; Nick Collins 2,643; George Freeman 1,186; and Tate Mikell 326.

Overall, 23,391 votes were cast.

Nickels and O’Neal won elected office for the first time.

“I’m just humbled,” O’Neal said.

The field included three incumbents, Collins, Glasson and Stokes-Marshall, and a former two-term Councilman, Bustos. The rest of the candidates were trying for their first elected office.

Collins and Glasson just completed their first terms on council. Stokes-Marshall will be serving her fourth term, making her the senior council member.

Collins, Nickels, Glasson and Smith were the most prolific fundraisers. Collins led the pack with some $20,000 in donations.

Mayor Billy Swails endorsed Collins, Glasson and Stokes-Marshall, and he hosted a meet-and-greet for the trio at his home in October. He gave $1,000, the maximum allowed, to each campaign.

The new council will wrestle with some difficult issues, including how to manage a potential $20 million liability because of its current employee retirement system.