SUMMERVILLE -- The town is looking to fill 21 seats on various resident boards dealing with everything from historical design to trees.

Terms will expire over the next few months and only eight applications have been made for the prospective vacancies, said Lisa Wallace, administrative services director.

The large number surprised Mayor Bill Collins, who said he spoke with a lot of people during his campaign last spring who wanted a bigger voice in how the town runs.

"This is the opportunity to step up," Collins said. "This is the chance for all those who said they wanted to participate."

Seats are open on the Board of Architectural Review, Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee, Commercial Design and Review Board, Construction and Codes Board of Appeal, Municipal Election Commission, State Accommodations Tax Advisory Committee, Planning Commission, Tree Committee and Zoning Board of Appeals.

The filing deadline is Sept. 23.

Applications are available at Town Hall, 200 S. Main St., or at