AMAZON: A vote in the Senate after midnight Thursday appears to clear the way for online retailer Inc. to bring 2,000 promised jobs and $125 million in capital investment to Lexington County. The 97-20 vote on an amended version of a break from collecting taxes on South Carolina sales sends the measure back to the House. The lower chamber is expected to go along with the changes. Gov. Nikki Haley said compromise that requires Amazon to tell South Carolina consumers they owe sales taxes is a good step. She still says she will just allow the bill to become law without her signature.

STATE BUDGET: Senators approved a $6 billion spending plan Tuesday that locks in spending reductions for Medicaid and welfare programs while adding money to public schools and a break for businesses on their unemployment taxes. The 23-16 vote approving the spending plan came as senators agreed to cut off debate as discussions entered a fifth week. The bill now heads to the House and could soon be in a conference committee where lawmakers will work out differences.

SCHOOL CHOICE: The House on Wednesday narrowly rejected the latest plan to use tax credits to help parents send their children to private school. With little discussion, the measure was killed on a 60-59 vote. The Senate Education Committee rejected the same measure a month ago.

ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION: The South Carolina House approved a bill Wednesday requiring police to try to check the status of people they suspect are in the country illegally. The 65-39 vote sent the measure back to the Senate. The bill specifies that the check must follow a stop or arrest for some other reason. Someone with a valid driver's license, military ID or passport would be presumed a legal resident. The legislation also makes it a felony to harbor or shelter illegal immigrants.

SPEED CAMERAS: The House gave key approval Thursday to a bill designed to stop a South Carolina town from catching speeders along Interstate 95 by using a camera and then mailing them a ticket. The 99-1 vote Thursday means only one more vote is required before returning the bill to the Senate. The bill would require an officer to hand a driver a traffic ticket in person.

HALEY VETO: Legislators handed Haley her first veto override. Haley vetoed legislation that would allow two public agencies to join the state health insurance plan. The House overrode the veto 96-12 and the Senate 27-6 and made the measure law. The bill lets Piedmont Municipal Power and the Greater Greenville Sanitation District join the state health plan.

COLLARD GREENS: South Carolina legislators have agreed to make collard greens the state's official vegetable. The House approved the Senate measure and the bill now heads to Haley for her consideration.