COLUMBIA — Gov. Nikki Haley’s office has reported to the state Ethics Commission that her chef used his state email account and other state resources for his sideline catering business.

Haley spokesman Rob Godfrey said Wednesday that an internal investigation prompted by inquiries from The Associated Press revealed that Geoff Sandifer, chef at the executive mansion, had used state-owned kitchen appliances, linens, serving utensils and a computer for his sideline business.

Godfrey says Sandifer will have to reimburse the state for the use of the resources.

State Ethics Commission Executive Director Herb Hayden said state law bars people from using state resources to benefit themselves, family members or a business they’re connected to.

People who violate that law are subject to a fine of up to $2,000.

The governor’s office provided nearly 2,000 pages of emails and other documents detailing lengthy communications with catering clients on Sandifer’s official email account.