South Carolina's GOP chairman Chad Connelly said Thursday that the Palmetto State will wait for Florida's next move before setting a Republican party primary date.

Connelly said he will likely set the state's presidential primary date Friday afternoon to follow an expected move by a nine member commission in Florida to move that state's primary to an earlier date, possibly ahead of South Carolina's first in the south Republican primary.

Florida Republicans said earlier this week that they may set their contest on Jan. 31 to get in front of the nominating process and possibly leap frog South Carolina's primary.

"If Florida wants to be the bad boy I'm going to make them make us move," Connelly said.

He said South Carolina's Republican Party faces possible Republican National Committee penalties if it sets its primary in January, to stay ahead of Florida. RNC rules say primaries are to be held after January. RNC rules also say that only four early states, South Carolina, Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada can hold a primary before March 6.

Any state violating those rules could lose half of its delegates at the national convention.