A Republican candidate running for a S.C. Senate seat vacated because of a senator’s ethics woes finds himself grappling with his own ethics problem.

Senate District 42 candidate and Republican Billy Shuman faces a $110 fine for failing to file his pre-election campaign disclosure form.

The form was due on Sept. 16 — two weeks before the Oct. 1 special election.

As of Monday, Shuman’s form had not arrived in Columbia, and he was sent a letter notifying him of the fine, according to Lyn Odom, a staffer with the Senate Ethics Commission.

Shuman could not be reached for comment today. His fine will continue to go up by $10 a day until it reaches $200, then it will go up by $100 day until it reaches $5,000.

Shuman faces Democrat and Charleston lawyer Marlon Kimpson and Libertarian candidate Alex Thornton, both of whom filed timely ethics reports.

Kimpson reported raising more than $177,000 and still has $4,453 on hand, according to his report, while Thornton reported raising $1,945 and had $264.81 on hand.

The Oct. 1 special election was triggered by an ethics problem. State Sen. Robert Ford resigned in late May after his Senate colleagues found that he had misused campaign money. Ford, who said he also resigned because of his failing health, could face further charges in connection to his campaign spending.

While Kimpson fought and a won a high profile six-way Democratic primary this summer, the Oct. 1 special election has been quiet to date. The candidates have not appeared together and are not scheduled to meet face to face.

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