Seabrook island Town Council

4 seats

Ronald J. Ciancio

Age: 72

Family: Wife Susan; two daughters.

Education: A.B. from the University of Notre Dame; law degree from Northwestern University School of Law; MBA from J. L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Northwestern University.

Occupation: Retired. Formerly, senior vice president, general counsel and secretary GATX Corporation.

Political history: Seabrook Island Town Council.

Why I’m qualified: Based upon my service with both the town and the property owners association, I am familiar with both the issued faced by, and opportunities available to, the town.

Goals if elected: To build upon the significant achievements we have made over the last two years in emergency preparedness, and increase the town’s ability to react to a hurricane or other natural disaster.

Contact information: 768-4214;

John Gregg

Age: 67

Family: wife, Katie Gregg; two children.

Education: University of Kentucky, Bachelor’s of Science; Chase College of Law, Northern Kentucky University, JD.

Occupation: patent attorney, semi-retired, part-time consulting.

Political history: No previous elected office.

Whi I’m qualified: I’m currently engaged in community organizations: member of property owner’s association’s Legal Committee since 2007; member of Town’s Public Safety Committee since 2012; member of Club’s Long Range Planning Committee.

Goals if elected: Improve emergency preparedness within the community through close coordination of planning, training and communication among stakeholder organizations including SIPOA, Seabrook Island Club, Bohicket Marina, and Camp St. Christopher.

contact Information: Phone 819-2458;

Glenda L. Miller

Age: 62

Family: Married to William H. Cochrane; two children.

Education: B.A. University of South Carolina; M.S. University of Pennsylvania.

Occupation: Retired from hospital administration.

Political history: First time running for political office.

Why I’m qualified: I’ve lived on Seabrook Island for nine years and have accrued a wealth of knowledge and information from meetings, residents and the community that will enable me to represent all residents and businesses equally.

Goals if elected: My goals are to provide outstanding customer service to my constituents through transparency and factual communications, and to solicit their feedback on issues that impact our quality of life.

Contact information: phone: 768-0212;

Donald G Romano

Age: 69

Family: wife, Patricia; sons, Dominic 18, Alexander 15.

Education: New York Institute of Technology, engineering degree.

Occupation: Founder and CEO of Heritage Mechanical Services, a New York City mechanical contractor. Retired in 2005.

Political History: Never served in public office.

Why I’m qualified: Since moving here in 2005, I have been involved in many property owner association and Seabrook Island Council positions to the club Board of Governors and the 2007-2010 building committee.

Goals if Elected: Continue Seabrook Island branding initiative. Work with POA and SIC to provide a single voice for Seabrook. Continue to provide a safe and vibrant community.

Contact: Home 768-0068; cell 516-805-2118;

Name: Kimber Smith

Age: 81

Family: Wife, Sherry Smith, 2 daughters and 1 son.

Education: Middlebury College, BA in economics.

Occupation: Broker-in-charge, Akers Ellis Real Estate.

Political history: No public elected office before.

Why I’m qualified: Experience in Swarthmore, Pa., town government, 40 years real estate management experience. SIPOA and Exchange Club board experience, knowledge of Johns Island and Kiawah which can be valuable to Seabrook.

Goals if elected: Coordinate town with Seabrook Island Club & SIPOA Board of Directors to assure seamless operations among the three entities thus insuring that all citizens enjoy Seabrook to the fullest.

Contact information: phone 509-2511;

John Turner

Family: Married to Elizabeth; one son; two grandchildren.

Education: Ph.D industrial psychology; graduate — South Carolina Master Naturalist Program.

Occupation: Retired after 25 years as an industrial/organizational psychologist with Ford Motor Co.

Political history: No publicly elected office.

Why I’m qualified: Twelve-year Seabrook resident, served on the POA Board and several committees. I’m very familiar with the issues facing the town. Also, I have professional experience facilitating organizational and committee effectiveness.

Goals: 1. Maintain a strong disaster preparation and recovery program; 2. Develop proactive approaches to dealing with the environmental and regulatory challenges affecting our beaches and tidal areas.

Contact Info: cell:860-1898; e-mail