Trump-backed McMaster wins full term as South Carolina gov

South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster, right, gives a thumbs up to the crowd during his watch party with his wife, Peggy McMaster, and daughter, Mary Rogers McMaster, left, Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2018, in Columbia, S.C. Voters in thirty six states casted ballots in gubernatorial races on Tuesday. (AP Photo/Sean Rayford)

Here are the final unofficial results for contested key state and local Democrat and Republican races from Tuesday. Results will be certified Friday. Incumbents are shown with (i). 

Statewide races

Governor and Lieutenant Governor 

Republican: Henry McMaster/Pamela Evette (i) 53.9%

Democrat: James Smith/Mandy Powers Norrell 46.0%

Secretary of State

Republican: Mark Hammond (i) 57% 

Democrat: Melvin T Whittenburg 42.9%

State Treasurer

Republican: Curtis Loftis (i) 55.9%

Democrat: Rosalyn L Glenn 40.8%

Attorney General

Republican: Alan Wilson (i) 55.0%

Democrat: Constance Anastopoulo 42.9%

Referendum on appointing education superintendent

Yes: 40%

No: 60%

Congressional races

U.S. House of Representatives, District 1 

Democrat: Joe Cunningham 50.6%

Republican: Katie Arrington 49.2%

U.S. House of Representatives, District 2 

Republican: Joe Wilson (i) 56.3% 

Democrat: Sean Carrigan 42.4%

U.S. House of Representatives, District 3

Republican: Jeff Duncan (i) 67.2%

Democrat: Mary Geren 31.6%  

U.S. House of Representatives, District 4

Republican: William Timmons 59.6%

Democrat: Brandon P Brown 36.5% 

U.S. House of Representatives, District 5

Republican: Ralph Norman (i) 57.0% 

Democrat: Archie Parnell 41.5% 

U.S. House of Representatives, District 6

Democrat: James E Jim Clyburn (i) 71.0% 

Republican: Gerhard R Gressmann 27.2%

U.S. House of Representatives, District 7

Republican: Tom Rice (i) 59.6% 

Democrat: Robert Williams 40.2% 

S.C. Statehouse

House of Representatives, District 15

Democrat: JA Moore 49.7%

Republican: Samuel Rivers Jr (i) 47.5% 

House of Representatives, District 94

Republican: Con Chellis 63.0%

Democrat: Damian Daly 37.0%

House of Representatives, District 97 

Republican: Mandy W Kimmons 53.9%

Democrat: Patsy G Knight (i) 46.1%  

House of Representatives, District 99 

Republican: Nancy Mace (i) 61.0% 

Democrat: Jen Gibson 37.1% 

House of Representatives, District 100

Republican: Sylleste H Davis (i) 62.5% 

Democrat: Michael W Yates 36.8%

House of Representatives, District 102 

Democrat: Joe Jefferson (i) 60.9%

Republican: Terry Hardesty 39%

House of Representatives, District 110 

Republican: William S Cogswell Jr. (i) 55.1% 

Democrat: Ben Pogue 44.9% 

House of Representatives, District 112

Republican: Mike Sottile (i) 57.3%

Democrat: Joe Preston 40.9% 

House of Representatives, District 114

Republican: Lin Bennett (i) 52.5% 

Democrat: Dan P Jones 43.6% 

House of Representatives, District 115 

Republican: Peter McCoy (i) 51.5% 

Democrat: Carol Tempel 46.4% 

House of Representatives, District 116 

Democrat: Robert L Brown (i) 54.1% 

Republican: Carroll O'Neal 43.9%

House of Representatives, District 117 

Democrat: Krystle N Simmons 53.6%

Republican: Bill Crosby (i) 46.3%

House of Representatives, District 119 

Democrat: Leon Stavrinakis (i) 65.0%

Republican: Paul Sizemore 35.0%

Berkeley County

County form of government question

Yes: 46.7%

No: 53.3%

County Council District 7 

Democrat: Caldwell Pinckney (i) 62.5%  

Republican: Marcia Jakab 37.4%

Charleston County 

Register of Deeds

Democrat: Michael Miller 52.6%

Republican: Tom Hartnett  47.3%

Probate Judge

Republican: Irv Condon (i) 52.0%

Democrat: Stephanie Ganaway-Pasley 47.9%

County Council District 1

Republican: Herb Sass (i) 60.7%

Democrat: Donna Brown Newton 37.2%

County Council District 8

Democrat: Anna Johnson (i) 52.1%

Republican: Joe Boykin 45.5%

County Council District 9

Republican: Jenny Costa Honeycutt 63.7%

Green: Joel Milliken 36.1%

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Charleston County School Board East Cooper

* Kate Darby (i) 32.5%

* Joyce Green 26.1%

Jake Rambo 25.2%

Sarah Shad Johnson 15.9%

*Elected to one of two seats

Charleston County School Board North Area

*Cindy Bohn Coats (i) 43.8%

Linda Mosley Lucas  26.9%

Vivian Sheppard Pettigrew 29.0%

*Elected to one available seat

Charleston County School Board West Ashley

*Eric L Mack (i) 37.4%

Paul H Padron  21.6%

Francis Marion Beylotte III  21.0%

Herbert Fielding  19.8%

*Elected to one available seat

Dorchester County

County Council District 1

Democrat: Harriet Holman 68.7%

Republican: William Gadol 32.2%

County Council District 3

Republican: George H. Bailey (i) 54.9%

Democrat: Tim Lewis 45.1%

Dorchester District 2 School Board

*Tanya Robinson 19.2%

*Gail Hughes 18.1%

*Justin Farnsworth  17.6%

*Brian Mitchum  15.2%

Meredith Chinnis Rutland 11.0%

Robert D Gatch IV 9.5%

Hester Young  8.9%

*Elected to one of four seats


Hanahan Mayor

*Christie Rainwater  62.6%

Joel Hodges 37.0%

Hanahan City Council

*Kevin Hedgpeth 31.0%

*Michael Salley (i) 27.6%  

*Dan Owens 26.8% (i)

Mason Schwerzler 14.1%

*Elected to one of three seats

St. Stephen Town Council

*William F. Truesdale (i) 25.7%

*Stanley Tucker (i) 24.0%

*Jerry Thrower (i) 23.5%

Rose Doctor Johnson 13.7%

*Elected to one of three seats

Source: State Election Commission

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